What Do All Those Auto Gauges in Tucson AZ Do Anyways?

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Feb, 2017


While it may seem like the gauges on an auto aren’t something that one would normally have to think about, there may be things they indicate that the average driver is overlooking. Here is a brief breakdown on what the gauges are meant to do.

   *   The fuel gauge indicates how much fuel is left in the gas tank of the vehicle. This much is obvious. What many drivers may not realize is that the fuel pump is typically submerged in fuel. If the automobile is frequently driven on a low amount of fuel, the pump will suffer overheat and is far more likely to wear out quicker than it should.

   *   The speedometer indicates how fast one is driving their vehicle. Without this gauge, it can be very easy to drive over the speed limit and get into legal trouble. This is especially true on the open road when there are not as many physical landmarks that are able to cue the driver as to when or if they are speeding.

   *   Contrary to what many drivers think, the temperature gauge measures the temperature of the engine coolant and not the engine itself. If the automobile starts to run hot and the temperature

  *   Auto Gauges in Tucson AZ are in the red zone, drive to the side of the road as quickly and as safely as possible. Running the engine too hot can cause severe damage to it very quickly and can end up being an expensive repair, if it can even be repaired.

   *   The “check engine” light is the bane of every driver’s existence. While it may indicate something as benign as a loose gas cap, it may also signify major trouble with the engine. The best course of action is to bring the vehicle into a repair shop or even an auto parts store, as they both will be able to plug into the vehicle’s computer and get a coded readout of what the problem is.

If any of the gauges on the vehicle are in need of repair or replacement, seek out a fine establishment such as Dick’s Speed-O-Tach to get them up and running promptly. They have every gauge any car owner could possibly want.

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