What Do Ants Exterminator in Queens Look For?

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Dec, 2017


Thanks to numerous studies over the years, more than 10,000 different ant species are known to inhabit the world. And, since they are very similar to termites, many people confuse the two. There are plenty of differences between the two, and this article will try to outline those differences and why it is important to hire Ants Exterminator in Queens.

Ants, in general

Ants have a larger waist and head than termites, with articulated antennae and very strong jaws. These insects are cataloged within the branch of wasps and bees. When people see ants invading their personal or professional space, they tend to go buy commercial pesticides.

And, although these tools are usually effective, people expose other adults, children, and pets to the toxins they give off. This is one reason why it is very smart to hire Ants Exterminator in Queens.


Ants live underground in organized colonies forming mini-armies. These communities are under the orders of one or several queens, whose sole purpose is to lay thousands of eggs to ensure that the ant colony does not go extinct. Working ants do not have wings, they are females, but they do not have the capacity to reproduce, and that is why their mission is to collect food, take care of the queen and her community, and build anthills.

And the male ants? Well, they do very little. Their only job is to reproduce.

Most treatments do not work

Thanks to chemical substances released by these animals, they communicate with each other alerting everyone else, of nearby dangers or of food sources. 90-95% eat nectar, insects, fungi or seeds. The other 5% is something more special, for example, they feast on reptiles, birds and/or other small mammals. Apart from the queen and the king, the minority of ants are usually soldiers.

If they are seen in gardens, they are not a severe problem if a few are seen because they are beneficial for the environment. They help to decompose organic matter and even to eliminate other pests, such as plant mites. But without knocking on the door, they go and sneak in a person’s home, and that can be a serious problem.

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