What Do You Need to Know About Outboard Motors in Portland, OR?

Posted By : Aubrey mead , on Apr, 2019


You can get a good deal on some older motors for boats or motors that have been reconditioned. You just need to choose the motor from a dealer that has been in business for a while and features top-of-the-line products that have been pre-owned.

For example, you can buy outboard motors in Portland, OR that are old as 40 years old. For instance, a 1980 short-shaft motor that puts out 7.5 horsepower can be bought at a reasonable price. This type of motor runs on gas and is started manually. It is available in a two-cylinder and four-stroke design.

Look at the Brands

When making a choice for outboard motors or boats, you need to first consider the brands. This will help you short-list your choices. Look at the reputation and background of each brand you consider. Also, consider the materials. Most of the boats, for instance, that are featured online are made of aluminum.

Getting Your Boat or Motor Repaired

Once you make a choice for outboard motors or purchase a boat, you will need to schedule inspections and servicing. You should be able to do this at the same place you bought your motor or boat. When you use comprehensive boat services, they usually include the following:

  • Engine rebuilds or replacements
  • Partial or full tune-ups
  • Gear case repairs or rebuilding
  • Winterization
  • Specific product repairs and services

Make Sure That You Are Fully Covered When it Comes to Services

When you contact a company about boat engine or motor services, you need to call the company’s service and parts departments. Also, by referring to the retailer who sold you a boat or motor, you can ensure that all your boat servicing needs will be managed. Servicing extends to rigging, steering, hardware replacements, and propeller upgrades.

Who to Contact Online

If you need to contact a local specialist, call Coos Bay Marine, Inc. today. Ask questions about boats and engines and learn more about the company’s full line of marine-related services.

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