What Does A Foreclosure Lawyer Do?

Posted By : Alex , on Aug, 2014


A foreclosure lawyer in Royal Palm Beach is one who deals with foreclosure proceedings. A foreclosure lawyer can work for either side in the process; he or she can work with the bank or other lending institution or they may advocate for those who are trying to negotiate or are in the process of contesting a foreclosure.

Like every other practicing lawyer in the country, a foreclosure lawyer in Royal Palm Beach must have attended law school and passed the state bar before being allowed to practice law. In the last year or so of law school the student at that time will begin taking elective courses that provide an understanding and give a grounding of that area of law that applies to the foreclosure process. Once the lawyer has graduated and passed the bar exams he or she can begin a career with the legal department of a lending institution or apply for a position with a law firm or open an independent practice.

Those foreclosure lawyers who work for a lending institution are involved in the processing of foreclosures. It is important that the foreclosure is done in strict accordance with the law and the lawyer establishes certain protocols to ensure that this happens. This will include writing letters to the homeowner and preparing all necessary filings that relate to the foreclosure. In the event the homeowner wishes to dispute the foreclosure the lawyer will take the lead, including representing the institution in court if necessary.

On the other hand, many foreclosure lawyers work with a homeowner who is being threatened with foreclosure or those who are in foreclosure. As the laws are very complex, the foreclosure lawyer in Royal Palm Beach makes sure that the lender is in full compliance with the law and helps the client fight the process. There are many instances where the lender was fraudulently misled when the loan was negotiated, in cases such as this the foreclosure lawyer will prepare a case which will prevent foreclosure from taking place while the case is pending.

In situations like this the lawyer advocates for his client. The lawyer handles any and all negotiations with the lending institution which includes dealing with all the associated documentation and preparing a claim against the lender. The lawyer can help the client negotiate a modification to the current loan which will allow the individual to stay in the home.

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