What Does a Home Inspector in Chicago Check?

Posted By : Alex , on Jul, 2014


Hiring a professional to conduct a home inspection before purchasing a new property is a good idea. Inspectors are in a position to provide an unbiased and factual assessment of the home in question. When hiring a Home Inspector in Chicago, it is important to determine exactly what is included in the inspection. Here are some of the more common elements.

Exterior of the Home

Most inspectors will look closely at the condition of the home exterior. This includes checking for any signs of damage to outside walls, or signs that the walls are out of line. Observations of this type can be helpful, since they could indicate that the foundation of the home is not completely sound. Inspectors are also likely to take a look at the condition of the roof. The goal is to determine if there is any damage that needs attention quickly, or if the roof is likely to provide reasonable service for at least the next few years. The condition of the gutter system will also come under scrutiny. Each section of the gutter is checked for signs of wear that include rust or jagged edges that would capture debris and cause the system to back up.

Heating and Cooling System

The typical Home Inspector In Chicago will also take a look at the condition of the central heating and cooling system. This includes testing the system and looking for any obvious signs of wear and tear. If the home happens to be cooled with window units but includes some type of furnace for heating, the inspector will focus his or her attention on the duct work and the furnace proper.

The Attic

The inspector will also check out the condition of the attic. This includes checking for any signs of leaks, and the quality of the insulation found within the space. The amount of ventilation in the attic will also be something that the professional will consider closely. There are other aspects of the home that the inspector may or may not address. This can include the condition of the windows and window frames, the plumbing, and the hookups for washers and dryers. When hiring home inspector, ask to see a copy of the checklist used for the inspection. Doing so will make it easier to determine if additional inspectors who specialize in certain types of evaluations will also be needed before submitting a bid on the property.

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