What Does Commercial Insurance in Oklahoma City, OK Include?

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jan, 2016


To operate a business with confidence, the business owner needs to buy Commercial Insurance in Oklahoma City OK. Commercial insurance provides a blanket of protection for the business owner in multiple ways, and it can even provide protection for the employees of the business. All of the following kinds of coverage are normally available for commercial policies.

General Liability

The general liability part of a commercial policy provides coverage for those times when non-employees are on the property. If those property visitors get injured, they may pursue a case against the business owner. If the injured person were to win the case, the money would come from this portion of the policy. General liability may even include products made by the company. For example, if a company makes a grooming product that is found to cause serious health damage, the liability would pay the people who suffered damages using the product.

Property Coverage

The property coverage in a commercial policy is quite similar to that of a home insurance policy. With a business policy, however, there may be additional coverage for specific items used by the business. For example, a property coverage policy might include not only the business buildings and the contents of the buildings but also other types of business equipment on the property. It is important that policy buyers get a specific definition of the policy inclusions to make sure that any and all business equipment and property will be covered.

Workers Comp Coverage

The state of Oklahoma requires workers compensation insurance for any business that has employees. This kind of insurance is commonly included within a commercial policy package, and it offers protection for employees who have to leave their jobs for any period of time due to injury. This kind of coverage will pay for the medical bills of the employees and will compensate them for time missed from work.

Whether a business has hundreds of employees or is a small start-up, business insurance is a must. If you need Commercial Insurance in Oklahoma City OK, you can Get additional info here from a local insurance agent.

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