What Happens During A Commercial AC Installation In Beavercreek, OH?

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Nov, 2018


In Ohio, a new air conditioning unit installation is needed when the existing unit has failed. Contractors perform repairs whenever possible to help owners avoid a new installation whenever possible. However, repair costs the exceed the price of a new unit just aren’t feasible. A local contractor provides commercial AC installation in Beavercreek OH and helps business owners restore comfortable temperatures inside their properties.

Choose the Appropriate Size

The contractor evaluates the existing system to determine which size is appropriate for the commercial property. The detail helps the property owner acquire a system to accommodates the square footage of their property. The wrong size won’t produce enough cool air to keep the property cool effectively. It could also lead to higher energy consumption and costs.

Install the Appropriate Ductwork

The ductwork must be compatible with the new AC unit. If it doesn’t fit properly, the air isn’t distributed throughout the property effectively. The contractor evaluates the property owner’s selected unit to determine if the existing ductwork is compatible. If not, the property owner must purchase new ductwork in order for the new unit to function correctly.

Test the Wiring System

The wiring system and the new air conditioning unit must be compatible. It isn’t compatible if the voltage requirements for the air conditioning unit exceed the available current flowing from the wiring system. The contractor understands wiring and voltage demands, and they can provide sound advice for the property owner when choosing a new AC unit.

Charge the Unit With Refrigerant

After the air conditioning unit is installed, the contractor must charge the unit with an adequate volume of refrigerant. The contractor uses appropriate gauges to measure the refrigerant levels, and the gauge show when the unit is charged enough. If too much refrigerant is used, the contractor must follow EPA regulations to extract it from the unit.

In Ohio, new air conditioning units provide guaranteed coolness and comfortable temperatures. The services help business owners mitigate risks associated with extreme temperatures that present common hazards. The new units come with a warranty based on the product’s lifespan. Business owners who need to schedule commercial AC installation in Beavercreek OH are encouraged to contact Peck Heating Air Conditioning Refrigeration right now.

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