What is a Digital Pressure Manometer?

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Nov, 2015


A digital pressure manometer is a mouth-full to say. However, it is an important tool used in many important applications. It is used to measure, monitor and record pressure. Some types of pressure this device can measure include gauge pressure, differential pressure and absolute pressure. Quality manometers can do this within 0.05% accuracy.

These digital pressure manometers not only measure pressure, they also store the data so you can track any changes over time. The storage capacity for many of these devices is impressive with most of the top-notch manometers storing over 10,000 readings. They can then send the information directly to a computer through a USB port and cable (included with purchase) for continuous data management.

Why Digital?
Okay, so these functions are great, but why digital? A digital pressure manometer is unique because it has an easy-to-read digital screen that will not only display data, but also graphs tracking pressure trends, highs and lows. Since these are most often used in critical applications such as in laboratories or calibration facilities, it is imperative that the data is displayed clearly and accurately. There is no room for error in these applications. Be sure to request the calibration certificate with any manometer you order so you can use it as a standard to test the pressure on other instruments.

Choosing a Digital Pressure Manometer
For many years, this device has proven to be one of the best instruments for measuring pressure. They are highly accurate instruments and one of the easiest to use and interpret. Manometers come in many shapes and sizes but are all considered to be accurate enough to use as a calibration standard. Even the line of digital manometers offered today is extensive.

Be sure to purchase from a reputable company that will provide the applicable data sheets and calibration certificates for their products. Quality is the most important feature of any tool used in critical applications. If you purchase from a well-known company, and you receive a quality product, you should not have any problems with the performance of the instrument over the long term.

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