What is a UV Led Flatbed Printer?

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Aug, 2018


A UV LED Flatbed Printer is a digital printer that relies on ultra-violet lights to dry the ink as it is printed. The ink is cured as it is printed out which allows you to print on a wide range of substrates including glass, wood, ceramics and more.

This Non-Impact Printers Benefits

This type of printer is non-impact. Instead of the heads coming in to contact with the printable material and restricting which materials can be printed on, there is no impact. The droplets of ink are instantly dried as they are printed. The results are amazing. Here are some benefits:

  • Less chemical interaction with the substrate
  • Much faster production because the ink is dried instantly
  • You can choose the finish
  • Print on just about any surface including plexiglass, glass, wood, metal and more

One of the biggest benefits of a UV LED Flatbed Printer is that it gives you options that you may never experience with other printing equipment. This printer helps to speed up production because there is no drying time involved. Glossy or matte you can choose.

Choose the Substrate

The only real decision that you have to make when you are using this type of printer is what type of material you want to print in. Whether it is art work that is fit for a gallery or logo’s for merchandising, this type of printer will help you to meet your goals. you will get excellent results with minimal effort.

The Right Size

The Flatbed Printer from BES Jet comes in a wide range of sizes to meet a wide range of needs from personal use to industrial use, there is a perfect size for your needs. BES Jet is an industry leader in affordable UV Flatbeds. Learn more today!

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