What is a Youth Work Certificate?

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Oct, 2022


A youth work certificate will teach you the fundamentals of everything that will make you a competent youth worker. You’ll learn to identify your strengths and weaknesses and learn how to use your own life experience to influence your support for young people.

What will I learn?

Your youth work certificate will cover mental health basics which include identifying when a young person is struggling and how to help them. Youth development: helping a young person find their weaknesses and aims, to assist in a plan to work towards goals. Communication: to help the young person learn to speak out and convey their thoughts and feelings, also to connect with others. Ethics: teaching the concepts of morals and how to treat others. Intercultural engagement: teaching young people to interact with everybody from all cultural backgrounds, to learn inclusivity and acceptance. Behavioral intervention; identifying behavioral issues and working towards improving them. At-risk behaviors: identifying when a young person is potentially at risk and sensitively helping to protect them from any potential troubles.

What can I do with a youth work certificate?

You’ll be able to use your youth work certificate course to develop an incredible career in youth work, helping young people realize their full potential in society, including improving their social and economic well-being and ensuring they have access to education, non-formal learning, and recreation. You’ll be making a difference in the lives of countless young people and helping to develop not only their future but also the future of the country.

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