What is Human Grade Dog Food?

Posted By : Phineas Gray , on Dec, 2015


It can be confusing to know what to feed your dog. Many owners buy what they find at the supermarket and don’t give it as a second thought. But just because your dog eats it well doesn’t mean it is good for them. Being more selective about what is in the foods you give to them will help them feel better and look better.

Unfortunately, the wrong food can make your dog sluggish and increase their risk of health problems. Many experts feel you shouldn’t give your dog anything you wouldn’t eat yourself. Doing so can help them have more energy and can reduce weight gain issues. By keeping that concept in mind, you can remember to read labels and make a well-informed choice for your beloved pet.

What to Look for

Changing what you give your dog to eat involves knowing what to look for in foods and what to avoid. Giving them a human grade dog food is a good place to start. This means the product is actually fit for humans to consume. The quality is there and not all of the fillers you find in a variety of dog food products. Those common forms of dog food are labeled as feed grade.

Such dog food products are actually made in facilities where foods for humans are also created. The same types of standards are in place for keeping the production areas clean, offering a product safe to consume and offering quality ingredients to offer a delicious tasting food filled with vitamins and nutrients to help your dog thrive.

Read the label to find out what types of ingredients are included in the human grade dog food. It is important to evaluate the company too and see what their standards are. You don’t want to buy products from a company that doesn’t have an outstanding reputation. They should be passionate about offering quality dog food, not just making a profit.


The FDA determines which products can be labeled as human dog food. You can be confident any such product you find out there has met very stringent guidelines. Ongoing testing and monitoring are also part of the process. Documentation of such events has to be kept by the company in order to keep that certification.

There are at least 100 quality control regulations here versus only about 15 with feed grade dog food. As a result, ingredients found to be unsafe for humans to consume can be found in feed grade dog food. It makes sense as a responsible owner that you wouldn’t want to feed them something that could be harsh on their digestive system or contain harmful toxins.

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