What is the Feminine Immersion Program for Transgender Women?

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Aug, 2020


For many transgender women, one of the most difficult parts of transitioning is learning how to live as a woman after surgery. There’s no official guidebook for being a woman, and yet there are so many societal rules that seem to define womanhood. Where can transgender women go to receive transgender therapy for newly transitioned patients?

The Feminine Immersion Program

Some clinics offer a “feminine immersion” program where transitioning women can learn about the basics of womanhood. They might receive speech therapy to give themselves a lighter, more feminine voice, as well as tips on using posture, walking, sitting, and body language to convey womanhood. Other classes might include hairstyling, makeup application, choosing a wardrobe, and more. These expert therapists work with trans women to teach them all the things that they didn’t learn when they were children.

In addition to these classes, some clinics also offer mentorships and support groups for newly transitioning women. There, they can meet with other women in the same situation so they can bond, socialize, and complete their transition together. They can also work with therapists to help them deal with the more emotionally taxing aspects of transitioning, like getting surgery and dealing with social ostracization.

If you’re going to be transitioning soon and want to take part in this transgender therapy, you can read more about it at The International Institute for Transgender Care’s website: https://thetranscenter.com/ . You may be eligible if you’re located near the Transgender Institute in Kansas City.

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