What Is the Process for Floor Refinishing in Topeka, KS?

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Oct, 2017


If you have a floor that needs to be refinished, you need to call a professional. It’s likely that you have seen some kinds of products at hardware stores or even grocery stores that promise to fix your floors very easily. Typically, these products require a considerable amount of labor and all they do is place a coat of chemicals over the surface of your floor. If you need actual floor refinishing in Topeka,KS, you need to call professionals in your area.

Cleaning the Floor

First, they will clean the floor and likely strip it of its current finish. Depending on the age of the floor and the material from which it’s made, you might have a finish on the floor currently. The professionals will begin your floor refinishing in Topeka, KS by stripping away the old finish. They will then clean it up and prepare it to be refinished.

You can read about Michael’s Resurfacing at their website to determine if their services are right for you. Once the floor has been cleaned, it will need to be finished.


Floor refinishing depends on the material of the floor. Typically, timber floors are waxed. They are waxed and then the wax is buffed to a polish. Wax is used because it sits on top of the wood without penetrating into the pores of the wood. It is also natural and waterproof to protect the floor. A tile floor is likely finished with something that is waterproof, but it’s typically not wax. Wax sits on top of the surface and can be somewhat thick. For a tile surface, you’ll likely want a finish that is a little bit harder.

Also, the type of finish will depend on the use of the floor. The floor in the bathroom likely won’t be waxed but your living room might be.

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