What is TMJ In Wichita, KS And How Does It Affect Patients?

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Aug, 2015


Kansas patients need help from a dentist when adverse conditions arise. Among these conditions is TMJ. This condition could prevent the patient from opening their mouth completely. It also leads to severe pain. A local dentist helps these patients with treatments for TMJ Wichita KS.

What is TMJ Exactly?

Temporomandibular joint syndrome is pain in the jawbone. Symptoms arise from inflammation and pressure of the jawbone. Patients may experience these occurrences when consuming certain foods.

What are the Symptoms?

The primary symptoms are pain and popping of the jaw. The patient may experience pain in their ears in combination with these symptoms. They’ll also experience tinnitus, headaches, and headaches. Some patients experience blurred vision and stiffness of the face and neck. Severe symptoms include dislocation or locking of the jaw. Patients may have these severe symptoms when yawning or eating.

What are the Causes of TMJ?

Grinding the teeth is the most common cause of TMJ. Persistent clenching also adds to the symptoms. Arthritis in the jawbone or joint as well as facial tightness and stress are all causes of this disorder.

What are the Treatments for TMJ?

First the dentist recommends consumption of softer foods. The patient should avoid chewing gum altogether. They could also use heat or ice packs along with NSAIDs to treat pain.

Dentists may prescribe anti-anxiety medications to prevent grinding and clenching. They also prescribe night guards to prevent these occurrences during rest. The dentist uses a variety of services to correct any damage that occurred due to this condition. This includes fixing any broken teeth.

Alternative therapies include TENS which requires a low electric current to be delivered into the jawbone. They use ultrasound devices to apply heat to reduce soreness and loosen the muscles. Some dentists today are using Botox to relax these muscles as well.

Kansas patients review each case of TMJ individually. The primary objective of treatment is pain management. The dentist also offers additional devices to protect the teeth from damage. Clenching and grinding of the jawbone leads to severe tooth damage. Patients who need help with TMJ Wichita KS symptoms should schedule an appointment now.

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