What Patients Need to Know About Tooth Extractions in Mount Vernon IL

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When the condition of a tooth is so bad that it cannot be saved, the only practical solution is to remove it. Tooth Extractions in Mount Vernon IL are one of the most common types of dental procedures. Even so, many people don’t understand what is involved with an extraction. Here are some things to keep in mind if this type of procedure is on the horizon.

Numbing the Area – Before the actual process of extraction begins, the dentist will administer some sort of anesthetic to deaden the tissue directly around the tooth. This is normally administered in the form of a shot. The effects don’t take long to materialize. The dental professional will test to make sure that the area around the tooth is sufficiently deadened before proceeding.

The Actual Extraction Process – With most Tooth Extractions in Mount Vernon IL, the process will involve gripping the tooth with forceps and rocking it back and forth. This helps to loosen the root of the tooth and also break any other tissue that may be holding the tooth in place. As the rocking continues, the tooth continues to loosen until it slips out of the socket with ease. When there is a great deal of damage to the tooth, it may not be possible to extract the whole thing at once. Instead, the dentist will focus on removing a section at a time. Under the most severe of circumstances, this may involve performing what is known as a root canal as well.

After the Extraction – Once the tooth is out, the patient can expect the blood to begin to clot in the socket. This is actually a good thing, since it helps to protect the exposed bone of the jaw. The dentist will pack the socket with gauze to further protect the area while it heals. Before the patient leaves the office, the dentist will provide instructions related to changing the gauze and possibly provide a prescription for pain. Professionals like the team at The Center For Jaw and Facial Surgery P.C. know how to assess the condition of a tooth and provide practical advice to their patients. When extraction is necessary, every reasonable means is used to keep the patient comfortable during and after the procedure.

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