What Property Owners Need To Know About Earwigs Removal

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2017


In Hawaii, property owners may experience earwig infestations. The insects measure up to twenty-five millimeters in length. They have two sets of wings and protruding pincers. These insects release a foul smelling pheromone into the air. A local extermination team provides earwigs removal for property owners.

What Areas Attract Them?

The insects are attracted to wet areas that are coolers than the rest of the property. Typically, they choose areas that property owners don’t disturb frequently. This could include crawl spaces and gardens. They seek out areas in which they can acquire live plants and rotten food. They are also known to prey on other insects. They must also acquire water frequently. For these reasons, the property owners must assess areas in which water is readily available. This includes kitchens and bathrooms primarily.

Life Cycle and Reproduction

According to statistics, the insects can produce up to fifty eggs at once. This allows them to infest the property quickly. They can live up to five years if they aren’t managed. The larvae of the insects are found in soil typically. However, they can be found underneath and inside the property as well.

Steps for Eliminating the Earwigs

The first step is to eliminate their nests. The exterminator installs barriers to stop them from reaching water. The extermination team must follow additional steps to keep the affected area dry. This includes identifying areas in which excessive water is likely to accumulate. The extermination team must keep an area that measures up to twelve inches dry to prevent them from thriving.

The exterminator will also distribute chemicals throughout the property to kill existing infestations. They will evaluate all treated areas after the chemicals dry. This allows them to determine if the treatment must be repeated. To lower the risks of reinfestation, the property owner must shut off all access areas.

In Hawaii, property owners hire an exterminator to remove insect infestations from their property. The exterminator identifies the exact species of the insects and distributes the correct chemicals. They can provide ongoing treatment for insects to reduce possible infestations in the future. Property owners who need to acquire earwigs removal can visit bowmantermite.com for more information now. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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