What Services Are Performed By A Millwright In San Antonio?

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Mar, 2018


In Texas, industrial companies require extensive measures when relocating. The equipment used by the businesses are complex, large-scale, and weigh several tons. A standard moving company won’t provide sufficient support for the relocation projects. A local millwright in San Antonio provides rigging services to accommodate the vast needs of industrial businesses.

Understanding and Reading Extensive Blueprints

In their training, millwrights learn how to read extensive blueprints for a multitude of equipment and machinery. The plans show detailed assembly and disassembly instructions for each piece of equipment. Their knowledge of the processes enables millwrights to take machines apart on-site and reconstruct them when the items arrive at the new location. The process is seamless and without error.

Repairs for Equipment and Machinery

The millwrights understand what it takes to repair complex machinery and equipment as well. Their skill set enables them to mitigate common risks associated with industrial machinery. The machines and equipment are tested before the items are moved. If the millwright discovers any errors, the issues are repaired before the machine is reconnected to power supplies.

Setting Up at the New Location

Millwrights won’t present any delays in setting up the machines at the new location. The machines are positioned according to the client’s instructions. The items are placed in areas that provide enough airflow and mitigate the risk of fires and electric shock. The machines are tested again once they are set up at the new job site.

Calibration and Testing

Industrial machines and equipment require specific calibration to operate correctly. The millwright evaluates the current calibration and makes adjustments as needed. The tests and assessments lower the risk of worker-related injuries and damaged products.

Rigging During Transport

Millwrights are known for their superior skills in rigging heavy equipment. The professionals are trained to construct apparatuses at a moment’s notice. The tools help them transport heavy items without causing damage.

In Texas, industrial companies require additional measures when relocating. For this reason, the owners choose rigging companies that employ millwrights for industrial transports. The services lower common risks for industrial business owners and keep workers safer. Company owners who need to hire a millwright in San Antonio browse our website right now.

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