What Services Are Provided At A Rehabilitation Center In Moorhead, MN?

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Feb, 2018


In Minnesota, rehabilitation services are scheduled to reduce the patient’s recovery time. The clinician identifies the most appropriate services for the patients based on their related condition. A local Rehabilitation Center in Moorhead MN offers a wide array of services to assist patients with accident injuries, surgeries, and detrimental conditions.

Strategic Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is provided after surgeries and injuries. Exercise is a major part of recovery and assists with pain, balance, and mobility. The clinicians choose different types of exercise plans for the patients according to their condition. The therapists provide access to mobility aids that help with the recovery process. After a complete exam and assessment, the therapist creates the right plan for each patient.

Scheduling Occupational Therapy

Occupation therapy is provided after a worker is injured on the job. The care plan helps the patient recover quickly and return to work. The objective of the therapy is to help the worker regain functional abilities lost during their accident. Permanent conditions require changes that help the work prepare for their life with a disability. The therapists provide necessary devices that help the worker perform daily requirements.

Pain Management for Patients

The clinicians identify therapies and services that assist with pain management. Acupuncture, massage therapy, exercise, and new nutritional plans assist with pain management. The clinicians provide options that lower the need for heavy medications when possible. The objective is to achieve long-lasting pain management for the patients.

Covering the Cost of Rehabilitation Services

Worker’s compensation covers rehabilitation services for injured workers. Patients who weren’t hurt on the job utilize their own health insurance policies. The co-pays for the services are identified before appointments are scheduled. Any additional fees are explained during the consultation for rehabilitation services.

In Minnesota, patients are referred to rehab after surgeries and major health crisis such as a stroke. Workers who are injured on the job are required to go to physical therapy to increase mobility and regain physical function. Pain management services are also provided through rehab. Patients who need the services of a Rehabilitation Center in Moorhead MN visit us for an appointment or more details now.

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