What Settings Would Need Decontamination Services in CT After a Disaster?

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Aug, 2016


After a natural disaster takes place, there’s a lot to do. Before any type of building can be restored, there’s the need to make sure the place is safe in terms of bacteria and other threats. This is where the idea of decontamination services in CT come into the picture. Here are some examples of structures that need to be treated before the repairs get underway.


Between the flooding and other elements of the disaster, there’s not one square inch of the home that’s not affected. While it will be possible to make the house livable again, there’s the need to take care of any mold, mildew, and other contaminants that have begun to form. In some cases, parts of the house will be too far gone to save, but the Decontamination Services CT make it possible to thoroughly clean anything that can be incorporated into the restoration.

Assisted Living Facilities

Think of what it would be like for the elderly to move back into spaces that are less than healthy. It wouldn’t be long before many of the residents began to experience respiratory and other ailments. A thorough inspection followed by a complete decontamination will ensure the rooms are safe for occupation again.


In a hospital, nothing less than sterile conditions are acceptable. If the local medical center is damaged by a disaster, having it checked by a decontamination team is the only way to go. Once the rooms, surgical centers, and other areas of the hospital are checked and cleaned, it will be safe to begin transferring patients back to the facility.

Municipal Buildings

While municipal buildings are not generally occupied around the clock, people are in and out of them most of the day. Making sure they are free of any contaminants after a disaster is a must. Doing so ensures that employees and visitors are not exposed to substances that could trigger severe reactions.

Don’t think that a little cleaning with an over the counter product will undo the damage. Once the decontamination process is complete, it will be easier to keep working until everything is back to normal.

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