What Should Be Done In A Timeline From Hiring A Boston Moving Company To Moving Day?

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jan, 2020


Moving can be made smoother and easier with a little planning. You’ll need a file folder and a notebook. Into the file folder will go the paperwork and other info when you use residential moving services in Boston, MA. The notebook will hold a record of the boxes, what rooms they’ll go into in the new house, and other notes on the move.

Six Weeks Out

Research movers online. Contact us for a consultation and estimate. Take your time; it’s not moving day yet. Get a change of address packet from the post office. In your notebook, list what companies need a change of address.

Five Weeks Out

Donate or have a yardsale to thin out your stuff. Get packing supplies: various sized boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, and markers. Book your residential moving services in Boston, MA.

Four Weeks Out

Gather all school, medical, financial, and legal records. Keep these in your moving file folder.

Three Weeks Out

Empty the freezer. Toss leftovers. Keep only what can be consumed in the next three weeks. Contact the utilities and your landlord. Begin packing non-essential items.

Two Weeks Out

Pack up. Arrange for pets and plants to be moved to the new house. Transfer insurance to the new house. Contact us to confirm your move. Send out your changes of address.

The Day Before Moving

Ensure every room is empty. Clean them. Properly dispose of paint, paint thinner, gas in lawn mowers, and any flammable things. Pack a box for your first night in the new house. Leave your keys on the kitchen counter and lock the doors. Bon voyage! Contact Bunker Hill Moving Company to learn more.

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