What Should People Look for in a Long Term Care Policy in Texas?

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jun, 2016


Unfortunately, many insurance companies do not cover all aspects of long-term care for a policyholder, no matter the reasons it is needed. Purchasing a long term care policy in Texas ensures a person will have the long-term coverage they need even if it is not covered by their insurance company, Medicaid, or Medicare. Many people make the mistake of believing this is something only older individuals should purchase. Some people will need long-term care services well before they reach the age of sixty-five, and this coverage is not necessarily for those who are ill.

A long term care policy in Texas covers the care a person may need because they cannot dress themselves, walk alone, feed themselves, bathe themselves, or perform other self-care duties. It is important people consider this type of coverage no matter what age they may be since it cannot be purchased once they are diagnosed with a condition requiring long-term care.

*      It is important a person checks whether the policy will cover both facility and home care, so they are not limited in the type of care they receive.

*      A person also needs to check to see what they will be paying in out-of-pocket expenses, not only on a monthly basis but also for the life of the policy to determine if they can afford the coverage.

*      It is crucial people learn the maximum benefit amount the policy will pay per day so they will know if the policy is worth purchasing to help them offset the costs of long-term care should they need it in the future.

*      By taking the maximum payout per day and multiplying it by the maximum time period of coverage, one can come up with the maximum lifetime amount the policy will pay.

This site offers plenty of information to help people make sound decisions on their coverage needs. Call the office if you would like to get started on purchasing your long-term insurance policy. They will be happy to help you through the process to ensure you receive the coverage you need.

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