What Size Mattress Should You Get?

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2017


Have you been searching for the perfect mattress? Are you redecorating your bedroom and just need some new furniture? Is your current mattress not large enough? Are you deciding between a queen or a king-sized mattress? Buying a new bed frame can’t be bought before a mattress because you have to be sure that it will fit your mattress. It is important to ask yourself what size of mattress you need. There are a few different size options to consider, but there are also a few aspects of sleeping on a mattress to remember. Personal preferences are typically the reason that you choose a certain size or style of mattress. Purchasing a new mattress can affect your mood each day as it will be what you begin and end each day with.

Sharing a Bed

Do you share a bed with a partner? If you share a bed, you may want to purchase a larger bed. Determine how much room you and your partner may take up. The size of you and your partner can also be considered to be sure that you both have enough room.

Moving in Your Sleep

If you move around frequently as you sleep, this may also be a reason to purchase a larger mattress. Being disturbed by your partner is a common complaint that individuals complain about experiencing as they sleep. Mattresses that are larger may benefit those that move around because there would be space for them, and they can avoid disturbing their partner.

Mattress Size Comparisons

Queen versus double (also known as full size) mattress:

Humans have actually become taller through the past few decades. In the 1960’s, the double bed was a most popular mattress to have despite it only being only 15” wider. Now with larger bedrooms, many people can fit a larger bed and add comfort to their nights. A queen size bed can comfortably fit most couples, and it is a larger bed that can still fit well in most bedrooms. A king-sized mattress and a California king-sized mattress can add an extra element of comfort through much more space, but you should know the dimensions of your room and how much space you would have left if you placed a king-sized bed in your bedroom. If you are interested in testing a king mattress in Lafayette, you can try a few out to see what type you would prefer.
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