What to Consider When Comparing Industrial Flooring Options

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2016


When you’re putting up an industrial building, it might take you some time to decide whether you want to call for concrete, polymer or terrazzo floor installers. After all, each floor material may have its own pros and cons that make it appropriate for your business.

But if you’re overwhelmed by all the options that you have, here are three things you should consider when you’re comparing them.


Give us an industrial location and, chances are, you’re giving us a place where there is constant activity. People are going to run about the floor with muddy shoes all day. Spills, whether due to coffee or corrosive chemicals, are inevitably going to happen. You therefore want something that will not stain easily and cleans like a breeze.

If you’re looking to call on terrazzo floor installers, though, make sure that you choose the high-quality variety.

Highly Durable

Industrial flooring calls for high durability. Chances are that you will not only have to deal with spills and mud, but also heavy pressure from equipment and machines. And whether you get polymer, concrete or terrazzo, floor installers should be able to apply it properly in a way that strengthens the overall structure.

Worth Every Penny

Finally, you want to make sure that your floors are worth every penny. This can be a tough balance to make. After all, there are floors that are cheap but end up faded and cracked within a year. And then there are floors that are nice and sturdy but each tile costs a small fortune.

For this purpose, you might want flooring that is made of material that is mid-priced but will last you a long, long time such as terrazzo. Floor installers, in any case, should be able to make recommendations as to what sort of tiles are the best for your sort of business.

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