What to Consider When Purchasing a Hearing Instrument in Knoxville, TN

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jul, 2016


Hearing loss is a devastating but extremely common problem usually associated with old age or overexposure to loud noise. It drastically impacts the lives of those suffering from it, decreasing the sufferer’s ability to converse with friends and family and potentially impacting his or her safety. But with modern technology, there is a solution. Hearing aids provide a means of restoring lost hearing and their ability to communicate effectively with the world. When choosing a Hearing Instrument in Knoxville TN, there are three main things to consider: lifestyle, technical skill, and physical factors.

The level of physical activity that a patient is used to impacts the practicability of various models of hearing aids. Those who live active lifestyles, particularly those enjoying activities like indoor or outdoor sports or dancing, will need a hearing aid that will not be shaken loose by moderate to strenuous physical movement. And those who engage in complex conversations in loud, busy environments such as restaurants or business meetings will need to be sure that the hearing aid they purchase is capable of rendering quiet conversations accurately without people’s voices being overwhelmed by background noise.

Technical skill comes into play when making decisions between simpler to use hearing aids and those that come with added features such as remote control capabilities and specific volume controls. Although these features can benefit some wearers, others may find them too complicated and frustrating if their level of technical ability is not as high. For those who are not technologically inclined, fully automatic hearing aids may be a better solution.

And finally, any physical limitations should be considered before purchase. Hearing aids come in a variety of sizes. At first, the smallest hearing instrument in Knoxville TN may seem immediately appealing because of its subtlety, fitting completely into the ear so as to be less noticeable to other people. But those with arthritis or other issues affecting the hands may find that the tiny batteries necessary for running them are difficult to change, and a larger hearing aid may be easier to put in and take out without hassle.

No matter a patient’s physical and technical capabilities, there is a hearing aid out there that will provide a good fit. Audiolife Hearing specializes in producing the technology necessary to improve hearing and consequently offer patients a better quality of life.

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