What to Do If You Get an Eviction Notice Letter

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jun, 2016


If you just had an eviction notice, chances are, you probably saw that one coming. There are plenty of reasons landlords issue an eviction notice. For instance, you may have cats in your unit when the lease says none are allowed in the building. You and your neighbor might have an ongoing squabble that’s causing problems for other tenants in the building. The worst-case scenario might be that you have lost your job, which is why you’re already months behind on your rent.

Whatever the case, you now have an eviction notice. Still, your landlord can’t throw your things out. Here are some ways you could put a stop to that eviction notice:

Read Up on the Law

Look up the terms and conditions in the Landlord and Tenant Act in your state. Know what rights you have and what kind of eviction process applies in your case.

Know About the Different Types of Notices

Some notices to vacate include the following:

  • Notice to pay or vacate. If you’ve been continually behind the rent, then this notice allows you to make amends, says Mass Legal Help. Send the rent to your landlord or his/her management property company and you won’t have to get evicted.
  • Notice to comply with the lease terms or vacate. This notice gives you time to correct any violations you keep making to the lease.
  • Notice for waste or nuisance. Fighting with the neighbors? Keep your distance or end it before you get tossed out of your unit.
  • Notice to terminate. This is the kind of notice you’ll get if you’ve been a repeat offender in the past.

Consult a Lawyer

Run your case through a lawyer to see what options you have. Then, make sure to be present for the eviction hearing. Make alternative arrangements to move elsewhere, too, to be prepared in case your landlord wins the case.

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