What to Expect After a Dental Implants Treatment in Jackson, MI

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Mar, 2016


Losing several teeth due to an accident can leave the patient wondering what to do next. After undergoing an examination by the dentist, it is determined that dental implants are a possibility. Once the Dental Implants Treatment in Jackson MI is completed, the patient can look forward to enjoying several benefits. Here are some examples.

No Slipping

When people think of substitutes for real teeth, they tend to think of dentures and how they can slip out of position. While it is true that modern dental adhesives hold much better than products offered in the past, opting for Dental Implants Treatment in Jackson MI does eliminate the potential for slippage in any situations. That’s because the implants are placed directly into the jaw, just as real teeth occupy sockets in the bone. Once the cap is in place, the patient can rest assured that the implant will remain in place no matter what.

Easy Maintenance

There is not a lot of difference between taking care of those dental implants and the natural teeth that are remaining. The dentist may recommend changing to a toothbrush equipped with a different kind of bristles, and flossing around the implants is generally discouraged. Outside of that, the patient can continue the usual dental hygiene routine. That includes coming in once or twice a year for a teeth cleaning since plaque and another residue will still collect around the real teeth and the implants.

Long Lasting Solution

Unlike partials, the implants will last for many years. There is some chance that the caps will need to be replaced eventually, but many people find the caps last for the rest of their lives. Compare that to needing to have a partially altered or even replaced after a few years.

For anyone wondering if dental implants are the right solution, click here to find out more today. Call a dental professional and make an appointment for a consultation. After confirming that the jaw structure is healthy enough for implants, it will be possible to go over the details of the procedure, design the caps, and ensure that the patient is happy with the outcome.

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