What To Expect After Metro Accidents in Upper Marlboro

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Oct, 2019


In Maryland, metro accidents result from a failure to maintain safe public transportation. Faulty equipment, lines, and improper repairs are common causes. Exhausted driving is another cause along with driving under the influence. A local attorney helps victims of the accidents seek the compensation they deserve after Metro Accidents in Upper Marlboro.

The Role of the Maryland Transit Authority

The Maryland Transit Authority is responsible for maintaining all public transportation and ensuring the safety of all passengers. Any time an accident occurs, the authority must visit the scene of the accident and conduct a thorough investigation. The cause of the accident defines fault and liabilities.

An Assessment of the Victim’s Injuries

All injured parties are sent to the emergency room for a full medical workup. Representatives of the transit authority assess the injuries of all parties. All information about injuries and fatalities are reported to the authority and a decision is made about settlement offers.

Settlements Provided Through Insurance Policies

A claims adjuster is assigned to present settlement offers to all injured parties. The cost of medical expenses and the severity of the injuries determine the projected amount each victim could receive. It is recommended that each party contacts their respective legal counsel before accepting any offers. Any party that accepts a settlement offer forfeits their right to any further compensation through a lawsuit. Families of victims have the right to seek damages for their losses, too.

When is a Lawsuit Necessary?

A lawsuit is filed when the Maryland Transit Authority refuses to compensate victims appropriately. When multiple victims need to file, attorneys offer a chance for a class-action lawsuit. In a class-action lawsuit, the families of deceased victims and victims with the most severe injuries go to court first.

In Maryland, metro accidents produce fatalities and serious injuries. The circumstances of the accidents could include collisions with other vehicles and track irregularities. Multiple injuries could result in a class-action lawsuit along with wrongful death claims. Settlement offers are presented through the Maryland Transit Authority. Victims of Metro Accidents in Upper Marlboro can contact an attorney through Jaklitsch Law Group right now.

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