What to Expect During a Teeth Cleaning in Mount Pleasant, SC

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Dec, 2020


If you’ve never had a Teeth Cleaning in Mount Pleasant, SC before, you may be nervous and wondering what to expect. When it comes to having a Teeth Cleaning in Mount Pleasant, SC residents can feel more relaxed by learning exactly what their dentist or dental hygienist will be doing during this routine procedure. Keep reading to discover exactly what a professional teeth cleaning entails.

Hand Scalers

The first thing your dentist will do is to use a hand scaler to clean any plaque or tartar buildup on your teeth that is visible to the naked eye. A hand scaler is a small, pick-like instrument that is used to scrape harmful materials from the front, back and sides of the teeth. This is your dentist’s first line of defense against potential cavities and gum disease.

Ultrasonic Scaler

Most of the time, a hand scaler is not sufficient to thoroughly clean the teeth, gums and mouth during a dental cleaning. For this reason, an ultrasonic scaler is typically used after the hand scaler has served its purpose. This high-tech device effectively flushes out hidden debris and buildup from the crevices in between teeth and under the gums. Your dentist will most likely combine the use of this tool with a water jet. The pressure of the water effectively rinses away the bacteria and plaque that is flushed out of the teeth during cleaning. Your dentist will typically outfit you with a bib and protective goggles during this phase of the cleaning process.

Reactions to Cleaning

It’s helpful to learn what is a normal reaction to a first-time teeth cleaning. You may experience increased sensitivity to hot and cold foods, and mild bleeding of the gums may take place. Many patients also report a feeling that their teeth feel looser; this is a normal reaction to the loss of hardened plaque and debris on and around the teeth. This feeling should go away on its own after a day or two.

Having your teeth cleaned can be a disheartening experience, but if you know what to expect the procedure will be pain-free and routine. Regular teeth cleaning can increase the health of your teeth and gums, so it should be a regular part of your oral hygiene.

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