What to Expect During Heating Installation in Glendale AZ

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2017


At some point in time, every home needs to replace its heating system. Sometimes, this is due to a system that is worn beyond repair. Sometimes, a replacement is due to needing to get a more efficient system to save on energy costs. It is important to understand this process and know what will happen during the Heating Installation in Glendale AZ. Understanding what happens and should happen can also help determine the best company for replacing a system.

Choosing a new system

The right company will assist in choosing the best heating system for the home. A system that is efficient and will heat the home properly is a necessary choice for any home. However, there may be some options that are specific to the preferences of the homeowner. One can choose between a heat pump or a furnace powered by gas or electric. In addition, one must consider their budget, as well as any financing options available by the company.

Installing the new system

The company that provides the Heating Installation in Glendale AZ must be experienced in the technicalities of the type of system being installed. For example, if choosing a gas furnace, the installation team must be able to ensure proper installation and safety surrounding the gas lines. Proper installation is vitally important to ensure the safety features of the system work properly.

Inspection after installation

After the system is installed, companies, such as Arctic Fox Air Conditioning & Heating, will perform an inspection of the various parts of the system. They will check to ensure the pilot light turns on as it should and the thermostat is set for proper operation. They will also check that all lines are secure and install properly, as well as no leaks in any gas lines. They will also inspect the flue to ensure proper ventilation.


The right heating company will also ensure the duct-work is set up properly for the new system. They will inspect the entire system to ensure proper routing of heat throughout the home. They will also ensure that the duct-work is sealed and secure to ensure efficient heating of the home. These companies can also provide maintenance and emergency services to keep the system running throughout the years.

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