What to Expect From a Visit to a Sports Physical Therapist in West Fargo, ND

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Mar, 2017


The occasional injury is an unfortunately, common occurrence in sports. When an athlete is injured it is extremely important that he or she receives immediate and targeted care in order to ensure that an acute injury will not turn into a chronic condition that can have a negative impact on performance. That’s where a Sports Physical Therapist in West Fargo ND comes in.

Sports therapists are trained specifically to help rehabilitate patients after sports injuries. Treatment may include teaching patients special exercises and stretches that can increase flexibility and range of motion, targeted massages to help sore or damaged muscles recover, muscle strength training, core stability training, and more. Every athlete undergoing physical therapy should expect to begin by coming up with a treatment plan that addresses his or her immediate and ultimate goals and helps to make them a reality.

The first thing to expect from a visit to a sports therapist is testing to determine the patient’s current condition. This often includes muscle tests, a range of motion tests, posture analysis, palpation, and neurological screening. A physical therapist will also need to review the patient’s medical history in order to better understand his or her current condition and how to help.

Sports physical therapy is a little bit different from regular physical therapy in that the standards for strength, flexibility, and range of motion for athletes are often higher than they are for the average office worker. When choosing a Sports Physical Therapist in West Fargo ND, it’s important to take note of the fact that physical therapists are a little bit like doctors in that they often specialize in one particular area of physical therapy. In order to do so they must receive additional training and certifications. Choosing a physical therapist that is certified in a variety of treatment methods in addition to extensive experience will help to ensure that an athlete receives the care that he or she needs.

Athletes who have recently been injured should not wait to seek the help they need to make a full and fast recovery. Visit us for more information about sports physical therapy or to find a practitioner in the area.

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