What to Expect from Chiropractors in Clarksville, TN

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The first contact you have with a Chiropractors Clarksville TN, is usually an initial phone interview. However, some chiropractors may want to talk to you in person. During this conversation, you should learn about the chiropractor’s philosophy and area of expertise. This is also a good opportunity to address concerns or preferences you have as a patient. For your initial office exam, you should be prepared to talk about your patient history and symptoms, the chiropractic exam, and diagnostic studies. For you patient history and symptoms, you will be required to fill out forms and present background information. The chiropractor will ask you when and how did the pain start, where is the pain located, and what activities make the pain better or worse. The chiropractic exam usual begins after discussing your history and symptoms. The chiropractic exam consists of several tests. Some of the things that your chiropractor will observe that are similar to what your normal physician would test are reflexes, blood pressure, respiration, and pulse. Neurological and orthopedic tests are administered to examine neurological integrity, muscle, tone, range of motion, and muscle strength.

The chiropractor may administer more tests if he or is having difficulty getting an accurate assessment of the affected area. At the end of the chiropractic exam, diagnostic studies could be necessary to highlight any structural abnormalities or revealing pathologies. Some examples of diagnostic studies are X-ray exams and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scans. Patients can usually expect to begin receiving chiropractic treatment after their first or second visit. Some goals of chiropractic treatment are to adjust joint dysfunctions, improve strength and coordination, and reduce pain through electrical stimulation. The first thing Chiropractors Clarksville TN, want to do is reduce your pain and get you back to normal.

The duration of treatment and number of visits to the chiropractor will vary based on the ailment and the individual. For example, the recommended treatment timeframe for a patient with a lower back pain is one to three visits per week for two to four weeks, followed by a re-examination. Browse Website of Fort Campbell Chiropractic to learn more about what happens when you visit a chiropractor.

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