What to Know About a Jeep JL Track Bar

by | Jun 9, 2023 | Automotive


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One way that people customize their Jeeps is with a lift kit. They need a Jeep JL track bar to make sure that the axles aren’t off center. They can get track bars for the front or the rear, and they are made with solid materials and construction to improve the rigidity in the front suspension. The best suppliers offer a Jeep JL track bar relocation bracket, which is adjustable and easy to install.

Jeep Track Bar

People get a Jeep JL track bar, which is also called a track rod, when they want to add a suspension link to help keep the Jeep centered. Track bars have two places where they attach, including the frame and the adjacent side of the axle. The track bar helps to prevent lateral movement of the axles, and it helps keep the Jeep safe to drive. They are particularly useful when people take the Jeep off-road as well.

When people add a lift kit, it throws off the alignment of the factory track bar, as it shifts it to one side. For this reason, they replace the track bar with a longer one to solve the problem. This is especially important with lift kits that are greater than 2.5”.

Kits or Individual Parts

When people decide to get a top-quality Jeep JL track bar, they can get the track bar on its own or as part of a lift kit. A lift kit gives the jeep extra clearance for off roading and helps prevent the underbelly from scraping on the terrain. Many people choose a track bar when they add a lift kit that is greater than 2.5”. They come in pairs for the front or the back, and these track bars are adjustable. It improves the suspension when it is added.

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