What to Know About a Mini C-Arm Price in Southern California

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Nov, 2022


Many people have a number in mind when they look for a mini C-Arm price in southern California. However, their number doesn’t always match what is available, and what is available may not be quite as affordable. However, this equipment is something that doctors and medical professionals rely on daily, and there are different considerations that affect the price. You can rely on a company such as JayXray to have a selection available.

What Affects the Price of a Mini C-Arm

There are several factors that affect the mini C-Arm price in southern California. First, it is important to calculate the ROI that comes from having this device. Figure out the CPT codes and average reimbursement for the procedures that you will do, and multiply this number by the number of cases you expect to handle in a month. Next, you can divide this number in half. This tells you your imaging equipment budget. This formula doesn’t factor in the copay or cash payments, but it will give you an idea of how well the mini C-Arm will work for you.

Consider Your Monthly Cost Rather than the Purchase Price

People often consider an upfront cost as the mini C-Arm price in southern California, but this isn’t the best way to determine the actual cost. You won’t buy this machine and store it in a closet. It is a critical part of your imaging system. When you are determining your cost, you need to look at the monthly payment added to any service contract or expected repair costs, and this is your true cost for owning it. If you buy a new system you won’t have many repairs, and other systems will depend on the age. In other words, what you save in monthly purchase costs, you will pay in repair costs. The key is to make sure that your ROI is greater than your monthly cost.

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