What to Know About a Workplace Attorney in Minnesota

by | Jul 11, 2023 | Attorneys


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When people are looking at receiving fair compensation for a workplace issue, they turn to an expert workplace attorney in Minnesota. These lawyers for workplace fairness help clients with a range of different issues. They have extensive experience and understand both the laws and the system, and they can negotiate, litigate for, and advise their clients.

Work-Related Injury

A workplace attorney in Minnesota helps clients when they suffer a work-related injury. In these cases, people are usually entitled to workers’ comp benefits. There are additional benefits available for certain professionals, including public employees such as police officers, firefighters, correctional officers, and more. These additional benefits are under the PER or MSRS plan.

These attorneys offer a free consultation and they work on a contingency fee basis, so clients don’t pay anything unless the attorney wins their case.

Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation is available to people who are injured on the job. There are times when people need a workplace attorney in Minnesota to secure their benefits. The best lawyers have extensive experience litigating all categories of workers’ compensation, and they are dedicated to getting the best possible results for their clients.

Workers’ compensation is a complex area of the law, so it is important that people work with an experienced lawyer who has the knowledge and expertise to ensure that their clients get justice in their cases. Common cases include back and neck injuries; leg, knee, and ankle injuries; carpal tunnel injuries; vision and hearing loss; or wrongful death.

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