What to look for in an auto repair technician in Moore OK

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Dec, 2019


Nothing can be more intimidating than having to get details on a procedure that you know absolutely nothing about. This isn’t about anything medical, but technical when it comes to your car. When you need auto repair in Moore OK then there isn’t anything else to do but jump in with both feet and look for a service center that works for you. What should one look for in the process?

What to Look Out For

When you walk in to a shop, is it relatively clean? Sure, there will be grease and dirt simply because of the nature of the business, but it the rest of t clean? Would you sit your children in the waiting room and be comfortable? Would you use the restroom there and feel confident about the cleanliness? The shop doesn’t need to be spotless, but organized and tidy space in the shop usually is equivalent to how they run their shop.
Another thing to look out for is the busyness of the shop. Are all of the technicians sitting around and waiting for work to come in or are they busy? There will be slow times in every business, but when the employees look downright bored and that they haven’t had work in weeks, there is probably a reason for it. You and your vehicle might not want to stick around to find out what that reason is. The reason might cost you money or complications because they really aren’t trained to solve problems. Find another auto repair service in Moore OK that can do the job.

On the flip side, you also don’t want to run in to a shop that is overbooked. A technician can only work on so many things at one time. If he is scheduled for more than one at a time, then something is going to have to sit and wait for an extra amount of time in order to squeeze it in. The repair shop you choose needs to be at a happy medium where you are confident they have continued business because they perform reliable work, yet not overbooked because they won’t hire new staff.

Things to Ask for When Shopping for Technicians

Don’t be afraid to ask questions is the first step. The technicians are going to be working on your property and it is going to cost you money, so ask away. Make sure the technician seems knowledgeable on car matters and that it won’t be a waste of your time to stay with that shop. When it does seem like they aren’t knowledgeable, aren’t friendly and willing to answer questions, then don’t be afraid to move on to a different auto repair in Moore OK.

Keeping an auto in repair in Moore OK takes a lot of time due to the extreme conditions. However, the highly trained technicians at Profix Auto Repair know what to do during each season to keep any vehicle running smoothly. Set up an appointment by calling (405) 310-2279 today.

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