What You Need To Know About Auto Insurance In Edmond, OK

Posted By : Phineas Gray , on May, 2016


In Oklahoma, drivers purchase auto insurance to comply with the law. Federal and state laws require these drivers to purchase at least liability insurance. The values for these policies is designated by the driver’s state of residence. A local insurance agency provides them with adequate auto insurance in Edmond OK today.

What are the Minimum Requirements?

The minimum requirement starts with $25,000 worth of coverage. This value is released to the auto owner when one victim is injured or dies only. The maximum coverage value is $50,000. This value is released when multiple injuries are sustained. The policy pays $25,000 for all property damage that occurs during the accident.

What are the Penalties for No Insurance?

Oklahoma state penalties for no insurance starts with a maximum fine of $350. The driver may face thirty days in county lockup. Their driver’s license and vehicle registration are suspended. They must pay reinstatement fees after the suspension ends. Additional penalties apply with any subsequent conviction for no insurance coverage.

When Do You Need Proof of Coverage?

Drivers need proof of coverage at all traffic stops. Law enforcement has the right to demand proof at any time that the vehicle is in operation. This includes routine traffic stops, checkpoints, and after an accident. The driver must also provide proof when they register a new vehicle or renew their tag.

When Additional Coverage is Needed

The law requires all financed vehicles to be covered through a comprehensive policy. The auto loan contract defines the exact values required for the policy. The policy ensures the lender that they receive funds if the auto is damaged or totaled. A failure to comply could lead to a repossession of the vehicle. Insurers must report cancellations to the lender.

In Oklahoma, automobile insurance is required by state and federal laws. These laws identify criminal penalties applied for non-compliance. These penalties could lead to high fines, suspensions, and possible jail sentences. They could lead to greater insurance coverage requirements such as SR-22 coverage. Drivers who need to purchase auto insurance in Edmond OK should Contact American Insurance Partners LLCfor a free quote today.

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