What You Need To Know About Sprinkler Repair in Spokane

Posted By : Alex , on Jun, 2015


When it comes to maintaining a lush, green lawn the convenience of an automated sprinkler system can’t be beaten. Imagine no longer having to drag the hose and sprinkler from spot to spot in your yard, stopping to undo kinks in the hose or untangle it from a shrub. Not to mention how time-consuming the whole process is. A professionally installed irrigation system will do all of this for you.

An underground sprinkler system when working properly barely goes noticed by the home or business owners. Until the one-day water is spouting 20 feet in the air like a mini Old Faithful. Not what one wants to see if not in Yosemite National Park. Of course is it Sunday morning and you have no idea how to fix it. The first step is to turn off the water and the second step is to call for Sprinkler Repair in Spokane.

Whether the problem is a geyser in your yard, the sprinkler heads aren’t working, water pressure is too low or one particular zone is not working, an experienced sprinkler system installation company can fix the problem. Broken sprinklers heads are fairly easy for them to identify. They will look for broken or cracked casings, heads that won’t pop up, or spray water wildly. Sometimes if they are not working it is simply a matter of being plugged with dirt. Clogged heads may pop up but then fail to spray, won’t lower completely, or spray water haphazardly. After fixing either of these problems, the technician may need to readjust the sprinkler head to water that particular area.

Low water pressure is commonly caused by a leak somewhere in the system. Sprinkler Repair in Spokane technicians will look for signs such as bubbling water in the ground while the system is running, an excessively wet area or a depressed area in the ground. Once found the technician will repair the line with a special slip coupling. When a leak cannot be found it is often due to blocked or crushed water lines. Occasionally tree roots will wrap themselves around a line and over a period of several years will crush the line closed. Most sprinkler repair companies carry replacement parts for all the major brands of irrigation systems on the market.

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