What You Should Know About Engraving in Ontario, CA

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Apr, 2019


If you need an item engraved, it is best to choose a business that offers both engraving and embroidery services. The business should also be experienced in other creative solutions, such as graphic design and digital printing.

All-inclusive Services

When it comes to engraving in Ontario, CA, you want to use the services of a company that can engrave just about any type of material. For example, choose a business that features services such as sand blasting to obtain a deeper engraved appearance. The engraver should be able to laser engrave just about anything, including wood, coated metals, plastic, acrylic, leather, glass, or weaponry.

Rotary Etching

An engraving business should also provide a traditional method, such as rotary engraving. You can use this technique on items such as rings, watches, glasses, brass metal items, and for foil transfers on Bibles. The a fore mentioned sand blasting can be used on items such as marble, stone, or brick.

Choose a Font for the Engraved Lettering

When you have an item scheduled for engraving, you should contact the company by phone or email and tell the representative the type of item that you want to be engraved. Learn about the fonts that are used for engraved items as well. Some of the fonts displayed include Helvetica, Arial, comic sans, trojan, or Lucida. The company should have examples on its website.

Get a Price Quote Before You Schedule the Work

Once you decide on a font and figure out what will be engraved, request a quote. If the price is higher than what you want to pay, find out what you need to do to discount the cost. Just contact the engraver’s website first before you take your items to his store. By knowing some of the basics, you can have any item engraved per your specifications. You can also find out more about other print or lettering services, such as embroidering and graphic design.

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