What’s Involved in In-Home Geriatric Care in Sarasota, FL

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2018


In-home Geriatric Care in Sarasota FL is designed to improve the lives of the elderly, helping to ensure their safety and continued independence. Each client’s needs will be slightly different, so the first step toward procuring services is usually to come up with a customized geriatric care plan. Read on to find out about what this might involve.

Home Care Services

Basic home care services are intended to assist with basic daily activities. This often involves tasks such as help with bathing and personal grooming, moving around the home, and transportation to doctors’ appointments and social events. Basic home care services are provided by trained caregivers, but since they do not entail any kind of medical assistance, these caregivers usually are not trained nurses.

Skilled Nursing Care

Adequate in-home Geriatric Care in Sarasota FL often requires skilled nursing services as well. Clients who elect to pursue this form of caregiving services will receive wound care, chronic health condition management, medication management, and IV therapy as needed from a certified RN or LPN. If any form of medical care is required, it should always be administered by a trained and certified in-home nurse rather than a caregiver.

Companion Care

In some cases, elderly clients and their family members alike can benefit from companion care services. Instead of focusing on the clients’ medical needs, companion caregivers focus on planning routine activities, offering assistance with personal care, managing daily activities, and offering socialization and companionship. These caregivers are often able to give family members and friends who are providing care for their loved ones the much-needed breaks they require to ensure those caregivers are also able to take care of their own needs.

Learn More Today

Caring for an elderly family member or friend and think it might be time to enlist some professional help? Family First Homecare has a reputation for excellence in the field of geriatric care, offering professional and compassionate services right in clients’ homes. Visit the website to learn more about what services this well-respected company can offer, or call to schedule an in-home consultation today to begin the process of establishing a geriatric care plan.

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