When Emergency Dental Services in North Mississippi Is Necessary

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Mar, 2016


Of course, good dental care does help prevent some dental emergencies from occurring, but other emergencies can’t be prevented, and treatment cannot be delayed. A pounding toothache that comes out of nowhere or a cracked tooth caused by unexpectedly biting a hard object can come on suddenly, accompanied by a great deal of pain.

Children are notorious for experiencing accidental injuries. Just one slip and fall or sports injury can easily chip, break, or knock out a tooth, causing panic to all involved. Though dental emergencies are usually not part of anyone’s daily plan, they do happen. Knowing when and where to receive Emergency Dental Services in North Mississippi goes a long way to bringing calmness and direction to a potentially chaotic situation.

Having a dentist, such as Bruce A. Denney, DDS, to call in the case of an emergency is the first step to receiving prompt dental treatment. Don’t wait until an emergency occurs and wish a dentist were available. It’s important to find a general dentist that offers emergency care and become established in the office before any emergency ever happens. Most general dentistry offices offer everything from cleanings and x-rays to implants and whitening. Keeping teeth in good repair, filling any decay, and repairing any old dental work will help to prevent some dental issues and keep the teeth looking good.

After becoming established with an office that offers emergency dental services in North Mississippi, the patient will receive instruction for what to do in case of an after-hours emergency. Some situations may be too painful to wait until morning but, for other issues, it may be acceptable. Situations such as a knocked-out tooth must be dealt with in a timely manner for the best chance to re-implant the tooth. For accidental injuries, time is usually of the essence but, for all cases, the dental office will advise the best course of action.

Be informed of the dentist’s emergency protocol and follow it if and when the need arises. Don’t wait until the pain is too far advanced to control or the time after an injury makes it difficult to repair. Call the dental office as soon as it’s necessary for the best result possible.

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