When is it Time For New Parking Lot Paving in Bremerton WA?

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Aug, 2016


In some cases, it is quite obvious when it’s time for new parking lot paving in Bremerton WA. However, there are many other situations where the asphalt breakdown may be more gradual and considerably less obvious. The first major sign to look for is the lightening of the pavement overall. Often, the once shiny black pavement will gradually fade into a silvery gray color. Sometimes this change is so gradual and subtle that people don’t really notice it until it is nearly time for a new asphalt parking lot. Often, this fading happens because of the constant beat-down of the sun. Pavement fading may also happen because the parking lot was not properly sealed with a protective coating at the time it was installed. The lighter the pavement is, the more fragile that it may be, so it needs replacement promptly.

Another clear sign of pavement failure is cracks. There are a wide variety of cracks that can happen, but tiny fissures that move horizontally across the pavement are most common. As time goes by, these small fissures will widen, and eventually they may become wide enough to cause some real damage to vehicles in the parking lot as they pass over them. In some cases, plants and roots will start to emerge from these pavement cracks, making it an even bumpier ride for anyone in the parking lot. If the cracks are all vertical and grouped together at the edges of the parking lot, chances are good that there is a drainage issue present. That drainage issue should be taken care of first before the new pavement is laid.

Sporadic small problems with the pavement, for example, the occasional pothole, may not indicate that the whole parking lot needs to be resurfaced. In some cases, only the area where the pothole occurs actually needs to be fixed. The remedy that works best depends on the age of the pavement, the integrity of the surrounding pavement, and several other factors. Are you ready to get Parking Lot Paving in Bremerton WA? You can browse our website to find out all the options, and to set up a consultation soon.

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