When is it Time for Repairs for Commercial Roofing in Menasha?

Posted By : Aubrey mead , on Sep, 2015


Commercial roofs are typically designed to last for more than five decades; however, there are some issues that may occur prior to this estimated lifespan. To determine if repairs are needed for Commercial Roofing in Menasha, it is essential to be aware of the telltale signs of deterioration. In some cases, all that will be needed is simple repairs and the roofing system will be able to be restored and returned to the proper condition. However, in other cases, the entire commercial roofing system will need to be replaced.

To help avoid the cost of having to replace the roof sooner than expected, the property owner needs to ensure the roof is installed properly. Even if all the best materials and insulation are used, it can lead to damage sooner than expected if not installed properly. In these situations, there will be no option but to hire a professional to come and install an entirely new roofing system.

One of the most obvious signs that repairs are needed for Commercial Roofing in Menasha is if buckling is seen, especially on metal roofs. Metal roofs will buckle when the installation is not properly handled. It may also take place if the roof is exposed to bad weather. During a professional roof inspection, the contractor will be able to easily determine if buckling is present on the commercial roofing system. In fact, the presence of buckling is able to be seen from the ground, without even having to get on a ladder.

Another common sign of issues with a commercial roof is if the joints are damaged. Joints present on the roof will deteriorate as time passes since they are being exposed to the elements constantly. In most cases, signs of wear will be pitting or rusting on the joints, which indicated they need to be replaced right away.

Mottoandsonsconstruction.com offers additional information about what to look for in terms of commercial roofing issues. Taking the time to be aware of problems will help ensure they don’t cause serious damage. A roofing contractor will be able to quickly handle any small issue, preventing the need for complete roof replacement.

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