When Self Storage in Plymouth, MA, Is Needed During a Divorce

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Feb, 2020


When a couple is getting divorced, one or both of them almost assuredly will have to move. Moving may mean needing to rent self storage in Plymouth, MA, at least for a short time. The person may be moving from a house to an apartment and won’t have enough room there for everything he or she wants to keep.

The First Step

The first step will be to make sure anything this person takes does not actually belong to the spouse. That would likely stir up more negative emotions between the two than already exists, and it could even lead to legal trouble.

Dividing Mutually Owned Belongings

If the two have been together for several years, they likely own numerous possessions together. Even if the divorce is contentious, they somehow must communicate enough to decide which one gets pieces of furniture and other objects.

Labeling Boxes

The person who has to move out may just want to get it over with by hurriedly packing everything into cardboard boxes, with one pile for self storage in Plymouth, MA, and one for the new place. It’s important, however, to mark them with labels or a marker pen. Divorce is stressful enough without trying to figure out whether any boxes designated for storage have gotten mixed up with those for the new home.

A Convenient Location

It’s convenient to choose a facility that’s located near the new place of residence. Units are available with Burkhardt Brothers Moving & Storage, which provides information about the facility.

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