When Siding Repair in St. Charles, MO Becomes Necessary Due to Storm Damage

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jun, 2018


When vinyl or aluminum siding repair in St. Charles MO becomes necessary because of storm damage, the homeowners may want to file a claim with their insurance company. This decision depends a great deal on how extensive the damage is. A severe hailstorm that batters the house may require complete replacement of one or more sides of the exterior along with part or all of the roof.

Home Protection and Aesthetics

Metal and vinyl cladding is intended to protect the house from the elements, insects and mice. It also enhances the exterior aesthetics of the home. A lot of dents in the siding may not compromise its function but will definitely detract from its appearance. When holes have been punched through the material, protection from rain is diminished, and insects and rodents find easy access to the wood behind the siding.

Full Replacement

Sometimes, when Siding Repair in St. Charles MO is technically only required for one part of the exterior, full replacement becomes necessary because the manufacturer no longer makes that particular product. There may be no way to match the panels. Homeowners insurance typically specifies that it will pay for repairs returning the building to its previous condition. Even though the other panels are not damaged, the house cannot be returned to its previous aesthetic condition without replacing all the siding.

When Damage Is Prevalent in a Region

When storms blow through a region, many buildings may be negatively affected. If contractors can’t do the essential work immediately, they can cover the damaged areas with tarps to protect the house in the meantime. There may be some delays as insurance adjusters work their way through the area and contractors get all the projects on their schedules.

At least one severe storm can be expected in this region every year, and some homeowners will find their houses damaged by hail, falling tree limbs, or wind. There’s no effective way to prevent these occurrences. Affordable Exteriors can tackle both the siding and the roof damage. The workers also can replace any windows that were broken by hail. Browse our website to find out more about restoration services available in the area.

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