When to Bring in a Virtual Motivational Speaker

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Apr, 2021


Planning events for a company training is never easy. Often these responsibilities fall on the Human Resource department, but they can also be planned by company leadership, team managers, or through committees. Making the tough decisions on which motivational speaker to engage and when to hold a virtual event can be simplified by following a few strategies.

Start Early

Bringing in a top virtual motivational speaker is a great investment and one that can help your bottom line. However, these top speakers are in high demand, so booking early will be a critical factor.

Ideally, reach out to your top choice for a virtual motivational speaker at least four months in advance of the date. It is not uncommon for big name speakers to be booked a year in advance for large conferences and events, which are increasingly being offered through virtual platforms.

As Part of Ongoing Training

Motivational speakers can help businesses at every stage of their development. In fact, bringing in a motivational speaker as part of your ongoing training initiative is an effective way to sustain motivation and to see continued growth and development of sales and leadership teams.

It is a mistake to wait until there is a problem or a perceived lack of motivation to bring in a speaker. Once the morale is low in a company, there is already a loss of revenue and a high risk of losing top employees to more positive workplaces.

A virtual motivational speaker can be brought in at any time as a stand-alone presentation or as part of a corporate event or training. The flexibility of the virtual platform makes scheduling easier than coordinating an in-person event.

Doug Dvorak is a certified virtual motivational keynote speaker with over 15 years of professional speaking experience. He helps corporations, franchises, non-profits, associations, and other organizations improve team functionality, motivation, leadership, business, and more.

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