When to Call Your Roofers in Jacksonville

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Aug, 2015


Are you having problems with the roof? Maybe it has started to leak or you are concerned about its age. Some roofing problems can be easily solved while others require professional assistance. Here are some ways you can tell when it is time to call your professional roofers in Jacksonville.

Dark Spots on the Ceiling
Every now and then, take the time to check out the ceilings in your house. Do you see any dark spots or stains which were not there the last you time you looked? When moisture gets in the attic it will eventually make its way to the home interior and one of the first signs of a leaky roof, is spots on the ceiling. If you have a stained ceiling, you should consider calling your roofers in Jacksonville, before the problem worsens.

Missing Shingles
Have you been noticing parts of shingles in your yard, especially after storms? When you look up at your roof and see any shingles missing, something is wrong. When asphalt roofing starts to age, it can become brittle and easy to tear. This can cause shingles to tear away from the roof. When the roof gets to this point, fixing one or two broken shingles may only be a temporary fix. Call your roofing professionals for a free inspection, to find out how serious the problem is.

Asphalt in the Gutters
Is there a great deal of asphalt granules inside your gutters? Asphalted shingles will eventually lose small amounts of asphalt over time, but if you notice a lot of granules, your roofing may be near the end of its usefulness.

Green Roof
Many roofs in Florida have moss growing on them. However, if you have a significant amount of moss it can greatly reduce the life of the shingles. Your roofers in Jacksonville can take care of moss problems and if it has ruined your shingles, they will provide a roof replacement for a reasonable price.

Loose or Cracked Flashing
Do you see any flashing problems on the roof? As roofs age, torn or cracked flashing can be a sign there is trouble. Professional roofers will check out flashing and make sure you do not have any leaks.

Ten Year Old Roof
Do you know asphalt shingles do not last as long in Florida as in other parts of the country? Long summers and rainy seasons can take their toll on your roof. Just because shingles are designed to last for 20 years, does not mean they can, especially in areas like Jacksonville, which have sunny days all the time. After 10-12 years, you should consider a roof inspection. The service is free from your roofers in Jacksonville, and can save you money and headaches.

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