When to Have a Professional Perform a Residential Air Conditioning Installation Santa Rosa

by | Sep 19, 2022 | Heating & Air conditioning


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The air conditioning system in a home helps remove tiny particulates of mold, dust, and allergens. It also serves as a temperature regulator and dehumidifier. Over time, such factors as an AC system’s age can contribute to the need for an air conditioner replacement. The following guidelines can be used to determine when it’s time for Residential Air Conditioning Installation Santa Rosa.

The age of an air conditioner is one of the primary factors in determining whether it should be replaced. Most residential AC systems are designed to last for approximately 13 to 15 years. The environment an AC system is in, and the owner’s dedication to maintenance will figure heavily into the longevity of the AC system. Also, although certain parts of an AC system may be designed to last for longer than 13 to 15 years, being used in an AC system can reduce the useful life of an individual component. Before getting a replacement, find out if there is a warranty on the AC system. The warranty may cover part or all of a repair or replacement.

The number of repairs an AC system has had in the last few years should be considered prior to a replacement installation. In general, if an AC system has had more than two major or three minor repairs in the last few years, consider getting a new system. The cost of putting in a new evaporator or condenser can actually cost more than an entirely new system.

Temperature inconsistencies can indicate the need for a new AC system. First, test certain parts of the AC system such as the thermostat. These inconsistencies can also be caused by improper operation of the AC system. Call a professional for an evaluation of the AC system before deciding to get a new one. Simple repairs may fix the problem.

The age of an AC system, failure to regulate temperature, and the number or repairs all should be considered before a Residential Air Conditioning Installation Santa Rosa. Doing this will help a person have a comfortable personal environment. For more information on AC systems, please talk to a professional at Accurate Heating & Air Conditioning This company offers residential and commercial AC services.

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