When to Opt for Professional Ground Bee Control in Pittsburgh

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Mar, 2018


Professional Ground Bee Control in Pittsburgh may become necessary if these stinging insects have built colonies and are buzzing around the yard where kids and pets spend time. Young children and dogs may not understand the importance of staying away from these bugs, which may sting if they feel threatened. Unlike honeybees, ground bees can sting repeatedly.

Start by Saturating the Lawn

In some instances, simply watering the lawn in this area more will drive the bees away. They need the dry earth to build their burrows, so saturating the ground causes problems for their habitat. However, if they have become firmly established, they are unlikely to leave until the next mating season. Technicians providing professional Ground Bee Control in Pittsburgh may need to apply effective pesticides in that case.

Considerations Regarding Pollinators

Pest control technicians prefer not to kill colonies of bees unless the insects are posing a threat to people and their companion animals. Although the many species of ground bees are not as significant in the world’s pollination needs as honeybees are, they still contribute to this vital process. In someone’s residential property, those bees may be providing all the pollination for the fruit trees, flowers and vegetables growing there.

Yellow Jackets

Sometimes the colony turns out not to be bees but yellow jackets, which many people confuse with bees. These wasps build nests in a variety of locations, including underground in abandoned burrows and tunnels dug by chipmunks, gophers, and moles. Their colonies also can be found low to the ground in decaying tree trunks and logs. Wasps tend to be more aggressive than bees, and they are very protective of their nests. Swarming to attack is rare, but occasional reports have been made of this happening.

Feeling Nervous Is Understandable

Large colonies of stinging insects can be troublesome to have lived near the house, and it’s understandable why they make people nervous. Especially if someone in the home or a frequent visitor is allergic to the venom, eliminating the insects with a professional service such as The-Beeman is advisable. Anyone who has seen numerous bees flying around the ground in one particular spot may visit the website for contact details.

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