When To Replace Water Heaters In Fort Wayne, IN

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2016


In Indiana, faulty hot water heaters are identified by specific conditions. These conditions define why the water heater is failing and how it could impact the property. Homeowners who learn these signs avoid additional events that may produce property damage. Local contractors provide new Water Heaters Fort Wayne IN when these signs are present.

The Presence of Rusty Water

Rusty water flowing into sinks and showers is an indicator that the hot water heater is failing. If rust is present in the water supply, the tank is too damaged. The only option for eliminating rust in the water supply is to replace the water heater completely. However, the contractor conducts a test to determine if the water heater is a total loss first.

Odd Noises Coming from the Water Heater

Odd noises coming from the water heater indicate that sediment is present inside the appliance. This condition damages the water heater and the water pipes connecting to it. The volume of the substance inside the tank defines whether or not the water heater should be replaced.

Obvious Water Leaks Around the Tank

A water leak around the exterior of the tank identifies a complete loss of the appliance. The homeowner should turn off their water immediately upon discovering these leaks. This condition leads to serious property damage quickly. The contractor should inspect the entire area surrounding the water heater. The inspection defines if the damage is widespread.

A Sudden Decrease in Hot Water Production

Homeowners who notice a sudden decrease in hot water production need repairs quickly. This condition doesn’t indicate that the entire system is faulty. It may imply that the heating element or thermostat need to be replaced. The contractor evaluates these components and provides the most appropriate solution.

In Indiana, faulty water heaters have early warning signs. Homeowners who learn these early indicators avoid extensive property damage and possible health risks. The homeowner should acquire repair or replacement services, if these conditions arise while acquiring hot water. Homeowners who need new Water Heaters Fort Wayne IN should contact Brockman Heating & Air Conditioning for more information or to schedule services today.

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