When to Schedule Residential Roof Inspections in Louisville KY

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jan, 2019


While the roof on a home may seem to be structurally sound when someone looks at it from the ground, even a roof that appears completely solid may have hidden damage, along with other issues. As a result, it’s a good idea to schedule regular Residential Roof Inspections in Louisville KY throughout the year. When this is done, a team of professional roofing contractors will evaluate the structure and determine what needs to be done to restore its protective qualities. Some of the times it is necessary to schedule a professional roof inspection can be found here.

At Regular Intervals

Even if a homeowner doesn’t see any signs of a problem with their roof, they should still set up Residential Roof Inspections in Louisville KY throughout its life. As an accepted rule, it’s a good idea to schedule a roof inspection every 12 to 24 months. Having roofers come to check out the roof’s state will help a homeowner avoid possibly serious roofing issues.

After a Big Storm has Hit

Serious storms can hit the area at virtually any time of the year. If the house in question has recently suffered through a large storm, then it’s a good idea to schedule a roof inspection right away after the incident occurred. During the roof inspection, the contractor will identify any type of roofing issue that resulted from extreme weather conditions, heavy rain, and high winds.

Before Buying a House

Scheduling a roof inspection is a crucial step in buying a home. It’s one that should not be skipped, as the prior homeowner may not have had the roof inspected in quite a while. The roof inspection will provide peace of mind that comes from fully understanding that the home’s roof is in good condition.

When it comes to a home’s roof, a homeowner should not ignore its state. If the roof isn’t in good, protective condition, then it is going to result in serious issues and damage to the home. More information about roof repairs and when they are needed can be found by taking the time to contact the professionals at Christian Brothers Roofing.

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